Cetaphil® is a line of skincare products specifically designed and clinically proven to help defend against the 5 signs of skin sensitivity to care for your sensitive skin. Cetaphil® believes your skin health is what leads to beautiful, glowing skin, and so we develop all of our products with your skin’s health first and foremost in mind.

The Cetaphil® team is dedicated to skin health, not superficial fixes. Our work is based on science and research, and to make sure our products truly take care of your skin, we work closely with dermatologists to develop and test our cleansers, moisturisers, baby products and sun care solutions. Cetaphil® products are clinically proven for even the most sensitive skins, which is why millions of people with sensitive skin have been choosing us for 75 years.

Cetaphil® products are designed to be gentle and effective on even the most sensitive skin. This means that no matter your skin type or if you have a skin condition such as acne-prone, redness-prone or very dry, itchy skin, Cetaphil® respects your skin and can provide the cleansing, moisturising and protection your skin needs.

We have a wide range of products available no matter your skin type, including products made specifically for babies.

Cetaphil products are developed with your skin’s health first and foremost in mind.

As a responsible corporate citizen, animal welfare is also a key priority for the company. For this reason, Galderma does not test Cetaphil products or ingredients used in Cetaphil on animals at any stage of our product innovation, development or manufacturing processes.

Galderma has been utilizing industry-recognized, non-animal testing methodologies on its Cetaphil brand even before regulations prohibiting animal testing on cosmetics came into force in various countries.

These efforts are part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of our products, the wellbeing of our consumers and our contribution to society at large.

Nevertheless, some health authorities may conduct animal testing for certain cosmetic products prior to approval for sale on the market, as is still the case in China.

Galderma is deeply committed to promoting alternatives to animal testing on cosmetics and has partnered with IIVS (Institute for In Vitro Sciences), a non-profit research and testing laboratory, to help drive alternatives to animal testing for cosmetic products globally. 

The IIVS has an active program in China, the goal of which is to promote the use and regulatory acceptance of non-animal testing methods for assessing the safety of cosmetics. Through this collaborative approach with Chinese regulators and industry bodies, we hope to contribute to the elimination of animal testing in the cosmetics industry worldwide.

Across its different products, Cetaphil® uses formulas that reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier. We also design our products to have a pH level that respects the skin’s acid-alkaline balance. We make sure to only use high quality ingredients, and in addition, many of our formulations are fragrance-free and non-irritating, making Cetaphil® ideal for daily use even on sensitive skin.